Debut War of the Giant Monsters
Appears in
Godzilla New Age of Monsters New Logo
Race Superhuman
Gender Female
Occupation Young Superheroine
Allegiance Gammas

Vicky is a main character of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters. She is the last child of Tracey, and the younger sister of Katie, and Vanessa.


Vicky is adventurous and optimistic.


Vicky as black hair, a light-green long sleeved shirt, black skirt, and black boots.


Vanessa - Vicky has always annoy her older sister by telling bad jokes.

Bobby - Vicky gets along with Bobby very well.

Tracey - Tracey can be strict to Vicky sometimes.


  • Light Manipulation
    • Light Generation
    • Light Sodification
    • Construct Creation
  • Flight
  • Regenerate Healing Factor
  • Superhuman Strength 

Gallery Edit

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