Debut War of the Giant Monsters
Race Superhuman
Gender Female
Occupation Superheroine
Allegiance Gammas

Vanessa is one of the main characters of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters. She is the eldest niece of Starwoman and Starman, eldest daughter of Tracey, and the older sister of Katie and Vicky.


Vanessa gets serious when it comes to fighting, but she does act like a normal teenage girl.


Vanessa has pyrokinesis and can fly. 


Vanessa's weakness is being imprisoned in a bubble. She would to burn herself out on depleting her oxygen and renders Vanessa into a state of unconscious.


Toby - Vanessa has always beat Toby in video game, and arm wrestling, but Toby was beats her during training.

Vicky - Vanessa loves her younger sister, but gets annoyed by her terrible jokes.

Bobby - Vanessa was always been overportected when she is babysitting Bobby. She seems to connect with him.

Starwoman - Vanessa had annoyed her aunt for a couple of reason. Asking Starwoman to do training session with her.

Gara Q - Vanessa hates Gara Q when its' music force Vanessa to dance against her will.






  • Vanessa always blushes when she gets hugged by her sisters.

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