Debut War of the Giant Monsters
Appears in
Godzilla New Age of Monsters New Logo
Race Superhuman
Gender Female

Mindy is one of the main characters of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters. She is the younger daughter of Starwoman and Starman, younger sister to Samantha and Toby, and the older sister to Bobby. 


Mindy has black hair, wears a white shirt, black shorts and shoes.


Mindy is very cheerful and kind, she like to play pranks. Whenever anyone's in danger, she gets serious. 


Starwoman - Mindy gets tired of her mother's overprotection.

Starman - Mindy doesn't like her father's training session, but still cares for him.

Toby - Mindy and Toby enjoy playing games and pranks to each other. Mindy was very upset when Toby was thought to be killed by Zigra, only to find out he's still alive.

Bobby - Mindy loves Bobby very much. 


  • Ice Manipulation
    • Ice Attacks 


Being under red lights or any heat temperature weakens her ice powers as Mindy's body becomes exhausted and immobilized. Also, Mindy is useless if her arms are tied up. 

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